Friday, October 5, 2018

The Core of Fudoshin - [New] Song by The Locust King


The Core of Fudoshin - [New] Song by The Locust King
Fudo Myoo - Art by Sgt. Lonely
The resolve that moves is the resolve that's lost. When it comes to facing an adversary, one must be resolved to face them without preconceptions. If you think about being defeated you will be defeated. If you think about victory you will be defeated. Train and hone your skills to a point where both are of no consequence.

From the Void

The technique from the void comes from the nothing. It is this nothing where you want all technique to come from. You train to discipline (Shunren) so that through forging (Tanren) your body becomes a tool that can move at a moment's notice.

The subconscious mind is the root, and from it mysteries are made known through the expression technique. Through the expression of technique the artist paints a picture, whatever their vocation is in life.

The rap song I created is about this. It is about being fixed in your resolve, having immovable wisdom/mind so that when adversity rises against you, you are prepared. This does not mean becoming rigid in your mentality or way of thinking. Remember, that mind that stops is the mind that perishes. Stay active, and become like water.

Below is the song which is located on my Soundcloud page:

Thursday, August 9, 2018

[NEW TRACK] Nightmare by The Locust King (beat by Coolzey)

Nightmare by The Locust King (beat by Coolzey)

Song Synopsis

In "Nightmare" I speak from the heart (as I usually do). They watch but don't see. As I watched the news I saw the brutality and blatant disregard at times for due process. Depending upon the reporter's view you could receive the truth or you could get a "spin" on it. They listen but don't hear. What are the streets saying? Can't you hear the sound of the chains rattling? The sound of a 2 million feet marching into the Capital peacefully protesting for change?

In Nightmare I look at the supposed "dream" and reveal the reality that many see. When you listen, hear what I'm really saying.

Nightmare - The Locust King
The American "Dream" For Many

The Book of Woe - Episode 1 Act 1: Archons

Episode 1 Scene 1: Archons

A dimly lit room with a table and two men. Both men obscured by the shadows cast within the room. In the middle of the table sits a manilla folder. On the cover of the folder the O with S in the center: the symbol of OmniSoul Inc.

Silence. So thick you could cut it with knife. One man sits slowly sipping a cup of coffee while the other is deep in thought. The next few words to be carefully chosen. 

Dossier For OmniSoul Inc.
Anderson: This is all the Intel we have on them?
Johnson: Still not enough.
(Both men return to their silent thoughts. Anderson sips his coffee while Johnson remains stoic.)
Anderson: Looking outside will never give us what we need.
(Anderson sits his cup of coffee down as he begins speaking.)
Anderson: Frustration is not my thing. You know that Johnson.
Johnson: But what can we do? The agents have used the means available.
Anderson: We can do what “we can do”.
(Anderson let's his last response sit in the air until Johnson gets it.)
Johnson: We just utilized that asset.
Anderson: Which means he's ready.
Johnson: So you say.
Anderson: Yes, I say. As we both know my say is “what matters”.
(With a hint of hesitation Johnson nods his head)
Johnson: You own this Anderson. If anything happens you will answer to the board.
Anderson: Yea, yea. I'm fully aware.
Johnson: Okay, then its done.
Anderson: Good. I want the daily reports. Ensure that our “asset” reports to me directly. I want to brief him on everything and set the expectation.
(Johnson nods as he raises from the seat. He exits the room through the shadows. Anderson sits a moment longer. After Johnson exits a smile crosses Anderson's face.)
Anderson: So, Therion it begins. We will see who wins.

The world is changing. OmniSoul Inc. is everywhere and in everything. Leading the business world in innovation and technology it is rumored that they are at least 20 years ahead of their competition. With a large portion of their business done via government contracts, there are those with suspicions regarding their true motives. Do they have the countries best interest in mind? With their hand in everything from the creation of new weapons systems and mercenary auxiliary forces there are those within the government who watch their success with a weary eye.

End of Episode 1 Scene 1

[NEW] The Locust Chronicles - The Book of Woe Saga!

The Locust Chronicles

Enter the world of The Locust King! The Locust Chronicles explore the near future of The King of Locust in all its stories, backgrounds and settings. Cyberpunk meets lofi hip hop in a menagerie of content ranging from short stories, series, episodes, and graphic novels.

The Book of Woe

The first set of stories is set within the backdrop of the Book of Woe (album details here). The plot is set within the back offices of secret bases, foreign battlefields, and urban cities. Follow The Locust King as he investigates OmniSoul Inc, the creators of the new Universal Intelligence. What will he find? What is their secret, and what is next on their agenda?

Excellent backstory for the album The Book of Woe, and entertainment in its own right. Read the first episode here in The Locust Chronicles!

The Locust Chronicles - The Locust King

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Simply Positronic- Overview of the song Positronic Brains by The Locust King (Book of Woe 2018)

Background of Positronic Brains

Positronic Brains - The Locust King
Androids - Positronic Brains
Positronic Brains is about a story arc within The Book of Woe regarding the “Rise of the Android”. Within the actual world of The Locust King in The Book of Woe there is a Universal Artificial Intelligence (UAI) called the Therion AI.

He “regulates” the majority of the earth from the atmosphere controlling everything from the weather to the financial markets. With the power to manipulate nanotechnology and the ability to manipulate matter on a subatomic level, Therion has become the power behind the powers.

Possessing an army of androids he governs the One World Government (OWG) and is pushing the envelope on the integration of all peoples with his internal system through his T-Chips.

This is the backdrop for the entire album by The Locust King of The Book of Woe. When I was younger I read the writings of Issac Asimov, and his worlds interested me. In this song specifically I reference the three laws, and the positron brain. This is all tied into the fabric of the album and the music.

Wait, The Therion AI?

Therion AI- The Locust King
Therion AI
Yes, in the world of The Locust King artificial intelligence has become so advanced that people have deemed it as the only way an impartial rule could be established. After cloud servers and blockchains technology began to increase at an astronomical rate.

Soon machines became smaller and smaller. With this change in size they began to spread until they were literally unseen. The largest of these became the Therion AI. He resides within the atmosphere over the Atlantic Ocean. His central location is within the Space platform Mithra Ten, however his nanomachines cover the entire world.

This is the general antagonist in the world of The Locust King. The UAI has an army of androids that are under his command enforcing his rule upon the OWG.

Where Can I Get The Song And Album?

You can get the album, The Book Of Woe by clicking here.

You can hear a snippet of “Positronic Brains” by The Locust King (Book of Woe) below:

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Todays Meditation

Another Day

I greet the morning and give thanks. It's another day in the Queen City, with so many things to see and experience.

Open your heart to embrace the days little gifts. A closed heart cannot see what he Universe is doing. Everything converges upon one point, heading towards it's ultimate destination. It's ultimate reality.

Some Call It Providence

When you discuss Providence many men from various places have defined it as different things. Some see it as the hand of God, others as the workings of nature.

People feel as if there is a design, or logic behind the things that exist on this level.

However history is filled with men and women who grabbed their fate and became the Masters of it.

I choose to forge my path in the wilds of this planet. To achieve beyond what is expected and to exceed expectations set for me.

Everyday you define who you are. Everyday you decide who you will be by your action or inaction.

What is will be. Period.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Open The Book

The Pages...

The Locust King
The earth is settled, peace and calm rest upon the land and the sea. Expectation, the sound of tomorrow being sung on the notes of the wind... everything is in a state of waiting.

Time to the cognizant marches on. Forward towards a conclusion that seems almost predetermined by a greater force. Things are occurring at a speed not thought of years ago. It is the beginning.

The Prelude

You can hear the faint sound of the earth beneath rumbling. It starts softly. Almost something you have to strain your ear to hear. Then you begin to feel the first moments of it. The travail of the planet. The beginning of its birth pains.

You can sense something within you drawing you. It's like a small, still voice. You try to ignore it. But somehow it appears in your vibrations. You can feel it deep within you. The beginning of something great.

Give Us The Book

As you stand in the middle of the field you can hear the words of the song from the wind. The words seem to draw closer to you... ever so closer.

"Give us the book..." Yes... you heard it. The words they sing. This is what they came for.

In the coming weeks The Book of Woe will be released into every digital store (Amazon MP3, Google Play, iTunes, Tidal, etc) and streaming service you can imagine. This is big for 3rd Gate Inc., and The Locust King. The link above is a pre-sale of sorts.

Thank you all for your continued support. Keep visiting this site for more details.

The Core of Fudoshin - [New] Song by The Locust King

Fudoshin Fudo Myoo - Art by Sgt. Lonely The resolve that moves is the resolve that's lost. When it comes to facing an adversary, ...